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Putting it Together: Animal Idioms Puzzles

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Putting it Together: Animal Idioms Puzzles

Language, English Language Arts
Ninth Grade (9th)
Other grades
Tenth Grade (10th), Eleventh Grade (11th), Twelfth Grade (12th)
Type: ZIP 8 MB

Product Details

An entertaining and educational pastime worth-adding to your games collection.

OBJECTIVE: Finding the correct animal to complete each idiom and help unveil the wild creature hiding in the big picture.

Three playing modes: Solitaire, Puzzle Race & Betting on the Winner!

SOLITAIRE: players can choose to solve one puzzle at a time or up to three simultaneously.
COMPETITIVE MODE: 2 or 3 players/small teams.
PUZZLE RACE: One puzzle and eighteen pieces each. Whoever solves the puzzle assigned in the shortest time's the winner,
BETTING ON THE WINNER! Supplemented with a worksheet to make it more challenging. The participants will not only have to put their own puzzle together but try to match the definitions on their worksheet with the options on the board of the person sitting to their left. An extra edge is provided by the bets placed before the actual game begins. The objective is to get the largest number of answers right in order to secure the points bet or risk having to substract them from their accumulated score.
The booklet includes:

Instructions to assemble and play
27 animal idioms to solve
3 nine-piece puzzles
3 nine-square animal grids
3 nine-square animal idioms grids
3 worksheets with matching definitions
Answer key

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